Healthcare Organisations

Our services are designed for healthcare organisations who are looking for a reliable, caring team to transfer their residents or patients to and from medical-related appointments.

Organisations who use ambulance-based transports include retirement villages, private hospitals, and care facilities.

Patients include people attending outpatient surgery, specialist  and hospital appointments, clinic appointments, physical therapy, GP visits, or any other medical related travel where they need a higher level of medical care than provided by traditional shuttle services.

Other users of our service are patients being transferred from one care facility to another, typically a rest home to a hospital or vice-versa, usually by stretcher.

Also, people who might find it uncomfortable to sit in a car or other vehicle for a trip home from hospital - after a knee replacement, for example, can be comfortably transported by stretcher once inside the vehicle.


We currently operate during business hours around the greater Auckland area, but if you require an ambulance-based transfer over a longer distance, or outside our normal working hours, please get in touch to discuss.



How we can help your organisation

If you meet our criteria as an approved healthcare organisation, there's lots we can offer you and your residents.


Door-to-door, bed-to-bed service, including complimentary wheelchair and stretcher use. (Note that we can't currently accommodate a patient seated in a wheelchair during the journey).

  Our vehicles provide both seated and stretcher transfer options.

Direct-To-Resident, Direct-To-Carer, or Direct-To-Provider invoicing options are available, as well as Client Direct pre-pay. We can also work in with any "comfort" accounts that your residents may have, and can offer pre-paid or invoiced vouchers where appropriate.

  Online invoice payment options.

Each vehicle is equipped with patient monitoring systems, medical oxygen, automated defibrillator, and is well stocked to ensure we are able to respond to any situation that may arise.


In the unlikely event that the patient requires urgent transfer to a primary care facility during the transport, we are equipped and approved to provide a Priority 1 (emergency lights and sirens) journey to facilitate getting the patient safely to the nearest hospital in the shortest time.



Post-Journey Invoicing

We can provide post-journey invoicing, as well as single-monthly-invoice options to approved healthcare organisations and their clients. This means your organisation, or the resident, will get a single monthly invoice for all transports arranged through your organsation, reducing your administration overhead.


Priority Booking and Routing

We understand that as a healthcare organisation, like us, you often are working to a schedule. That's why, as part of our service to Healthcare Organisations, we offer priority booking and priority transport.

With priority bookings, your booking will take priority over a standard private hire. With priority routing, when an ambulance has multiple pick-ups and/or drop-offs we'll do our best to ensure your residents or patients have the least waiting time and the most direct route to their destination.

Please note: While we'll always do our best to organise priority routing for you, with Auckland's geographic diversity it might not always be possible.


  • Our transfers are single-crewed, and we use electronic monitoring so our trained staff are aware of, and can respond to, a patient's status.
  • Our Ambulance Officers are currently certified to at least Advanced First Aid level.



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    We are an ACC registered service provider.