Private Hire

We can also cater for private hire, for example, if you or a loved one needs ambulance-level care to return home after a stay in hospital. Our prices for this service start with a very affordable and simple flat rate for journeys less than 36km, and you'll travel in one of our comfortable and modern ambulances, either on a stretcher or seated as required.

You'll have a qualified medical professional with you for your transfer. This gives you or your loved one peace of mind knowing you are in trained and qualified hands in a fully-equipped vehicle.

Private hires are payable in advance unless otherwise arranged.


We'll take good care of you

Metro Ambulance is dedicated to taking care of you or your loved one whilst we transport you. You or your loved one will be safe and comfortable travelling with us. You'll have peace of mind knowing your Ambulance Officer has a minimum of Advanced First Aid certifications and years of experience in the ambulance service.


You'll feel safe and sound with us

We are equipped and qualified to deal with the unlikely event of an urgent medical situation during your transport. Our ambulances are equipped with appropriate medical gear and have and can use emergency equipment such as lights and sirens if we do need to change our destination to a primary care facility. Our ambulance officers not only have medical training but the appropriate driver certification and training to manage an urgent or emergency situation.


Anywhere you need to go

We can take you anywhere in the greater Auckland region you need to go. Our patients often travel to and from:

  • Outpatients appointments, specialist appointments and and GP appointments
  • Medical treatments such as radiology, radiation, chemo, dialysis
  • Physiotherapy or physical rehabilitation appointments
  • Respite care, day care, hospice care
  • Post surgery transport
  • Airports


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    We are an ACC registered service provider.