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Established in 1999, Metro Ambulance NZ Ltd is an owner-operated business currently based in Auckland. In the early days Metro focused on providing medical support for events such as sports and concerts, and also provided site medics for film and television shoots.

The business was a part time venture, with its owner, Derek Collier, simply wanting to utilise his skills and help people when he could fit it in around his 'day job'.

Derek had been interested in ambulance work and medical services ever since his late teenage years when a motorcycle accident meant he spent a year as a patient of many medical professionals from frontline to specialists. Once he recovered, Derek took a full time role at the same hospital he had been a patient in, as an electronics technician, which served to grow his interest in health care.

In the mid to late 2000s the business took a sideline whilst Derek focussed on his young family at the time.

These days, with the kids a bit older and with a clear gap in customer needs that Metro desires to fill, Derek has decided to make Metro Ambulance a full-time business, to meet the patient transfer needs of our customers and patients. Derek's wife Monica works for the company in a part time capacity as general manager.

At Metro Ambulance, we believe in providing a reliable, respectful caring service. We have a vision to become New Zealand's preferred patient transfer service company.

Our Mission

Metro Ambulance is a company dedicated to providing reliable, safe, and respectful caring ambulance-based patient transfers for our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be Auckland's preferred patient transfer service and to be recognised as an employer of choice in our industry.

We will attain this by:

  • Establishing a culture that is centered on our customers and our patients.
  • Pursuing continual improvement to stay efficient, effective and competitive.
  • Ensuring that patient transfers remains our core ambulance business.
  • Creating a presence and making a difference in our local communities.
  • Championing national industry standards.


Our Values



We are thoughtful and considerate for the feelings, wishes and rights of our patients, our customers, our suppliers, our partners and each other.



We keep our promises and will not let our patients, customers or each other, down.



We are perceptive and aware and are quick to act in the way that is needed, suitable or right for a particular situation. We will be accessible, flexible and proactive in our dealings with our customers.



We act with absolute integrity.


Outside-in focus

For us, growth comes from looking at opportunities through the eyes of our customers. We will actively listen to our patients and customers and use what we learn in the development and improvement of our services.

Our Team

Derek Collier
Managing Director

Derek has many years experience in ambulance and medical services, and has been the director of Metro since it was established in 1999. Before this, he has also worked for another private ambulance service in New Zealand, and had ten years experience working for Auckland Public hospital in a technical field.

As owner-operator, Derek can be found taking good care of our patients as well as leading the team. Derek lives in Auckland with his wife and three children.


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    We are an ACC registered service provider.